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Tromsø Dye Project


The project began in the late summer of 2015 as part of a Fulbright Grant and aimed to document the different natural dyes extracted from plants growing on the island of Tromsø in Northern Norway. Tromsø is a city with a population of approximately 70,000 and located within the Arctic circle. All of the dyes collected throughout the research were gathered from a single location of approximately one square kilometer. The location was a landfill behind a hospital and presented a landscape that contained a presence of natural growth adapting to material waste.

Map of Tromsø
Location of Collection Site
View of collection site during September (Left photo) and November (Right photo)
Digital Scans of samples on felted wool
Fireweed Stems (Left image)
Northern Bedstraw Roots (Right image)
Scan of Felted Wool Dye in the shape of Tromsø
(Northern Bedstraw Roots w/ Alum Mordant)
RGB (Red Green Blue) Approximation of dye color
(Northern Bedstraw w/ Alum Mordant)
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